Put planning your route on the backburner by using a sales mapping program

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Sales mapping programs today solve many of the things that used to cause hours of work for a sales rep. They can optimize a rep’s daily sales routes, organize rep’s clients by any metric you would like, and help find new leads -- a sales reps dream machine!

Optimize your daily route: Sales reps enter in the clients -- this could be putting clients on an excel sheet or integrating with an existing CRM. After entering the client information, a rep simply puts in who they want to visit on a desired day and click optimize. After optimizing, the best sales route will come up. This will not only save time, but also gas money! This could save 20% driving time and increase sales meetings by 25%.

Organize your clients by color: A sales rep may want to organize their customers by date last visited. Well, that is easy to do with a sales mapping program. Just set a timescale and choose a color, and then all of the customers will appear on the map with the color correlating to when they were last visited. Some sales reps sell to multiple industries and would like to organize the customers by industry. Also as easy as choosing a color. Every rep might want to organize their customers in a different way -- a mapping program can organize in any way that a rep can think of.

Find new leads: Everyone knows that a sales rep needs to make sales and reach quota. A crucial part of this is finding new leads. Sales mapping programs can show new leads by search area. Wouldn’t it be great if a sales rep can just search by a profession or industry and see everyone in a given area? That is what a mapping program can do!

Sales route software makes a sales reps’ daily life easier. Makes it easier to complete their route, makes it easier to organize, and makes it easier to find new leads.

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Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

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