Plot addresses on a map: make your life as a sales rep easier!

By Shreya Indukuri

Posted in Product


As a sales rep, you may have anywhere from 5 to 20 or more clients daily! With only so many hours in a day, you’d naturally want to take the most efficient route that avoids you driving in circles around your sales territory.

Badger Maps is the solution for you! The Badger Map is a mapping app for the sales team to manage their territory by combining Google Maps, data from the CRM, route optimization, schedule planning, and lead generation.

This software, accessible on a web app and smart phone devices, will allow you to plot addresses on a map, and incorporate live traffic data from Google Maps, to give you the most time-efficient route. You can save money on gas AND time.

Badger also has a helpful lead generation tool to access even MORE clients during the time you save. For example, if you are a sales rep that sells to mostly dentists, Badger Maps will find all dentists listed in your territory and nearby territories.


All you need to do is upload an excel document or a CRM database to BadgerMaps and select clients you want to see in a particular sales route. Badger Maps will optimize the best route for your sales territory and you’ll be be stunned by how much more efficient your day becomes!


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