How Badger Turns Sales Green

By Alina Biermann

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Global Warming's Destructive Reach

On Christmas Eve 2015, not a single snowflake was spotted in New York City. Southern Californians are currently escaping destructive wildfires caused by excessive heat and droughts. And the 2011 Super Outbreak was just one in a series of tornadoes expected to get progressively more disruptive due to the warming ocean surfaces that fuel such storms. All these occurrences are the result of global warming. It is provoked by air pollutants, such as CO2, that absorb solar radiation and sunlight reflected by the earth’s surface and trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the planet to warm up. According to experts, we are currently feeling the first impacts of global warming: wildfires, more intensive storms and rising temperatures. However, more dramatic effects, for instance melting glaciers and floods, increased ocean acidity and species extinction are yet to occur.

Driving Emissions Up

Global warming is literally fueled by CO2 emissions from cars, industries, etc. Cars, that - among others - approximately 2 Million sales reps in the U.S. drive. Collectively, they cover a distance equal to 2.2 Million times around the world. Doesn’t take a mathematician to understand the sales business’ share in global warming, right?

Technology's Contribution to Environmental Conservation

Thou shalt not be afraid, there is hope: BADGER MAPS helps its users optimize their routes, ultimately reducing driving time and driven distance by 20%. Hence, if all sales reps in the U.S. used the app, 10.9 Billion miles driven could be avoided each year, coming down to 5,520 miles per person. Thus, the app directly helps the user to lower his or her carbon footprint and the money spent on gas.  There is an additional advantage: by wasting less time on driving, sales reps can fit more appointments into a day, thereby increasing sales by 25% on average. 

Seeing the dollar signs? Then let Badger help you transform your environmental impact and make your profit bright green - sign up for a free trial with us today.


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