Google & the Shortest Driving Directions Possible

By Will Peisch

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One of the greatest luxuries a free service like Google Maps provides is the ability to take the service for granted without any thought of how it works. But how exactly does Google determine what driving route would be the shortest way to your destination? 

This New York Times magazine article goes into how Google Maps makes your driving route the shortest , (definitely a weekend read if you get the chance), it starts out with an initial collection of map data from the federal government and beyond to provide a barebones world map to display the world’s routes. To double check the mapping information’s metadata (information about a geographic point other than its location, like if it’s a one-way street or toll road) Google verifies the information using its own panoramic photo data that they collect for Street View. This verifying is also what allows Google’s self-driving cars to work as the Street View data allows the self-driving car’s software to pinpoint where important traffic data (like traffic lights or stop signs) are located.

You may be thinking by now, is this guy some shill for Google Maps, secretly using the Badger Blog platform to advance his own pro-Google Maps agendas? The reason I’m hyping Google Maps up so much is that the Badger app is actually built on the Google Maps platform. Google pours a ton of resources into making its driving route planner the absolute best it can be, so when it comes to finding the shortest distance between two points, there is no better resource than Google Maps. What the Badger app can do is find the shortest route between several points, which is based on Google’s top of the line algorithms. Many popular routing apps today are based on Google mapping application (Uber, for example), but without question Badger app is the best  for planning sales routes. The reason our service is so good is that we are standing on the shoulders of giants like Google Maps.

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