How to Enable A Mobile CRM Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft recently released Dynamics 365, a "smart" suite of business applications that enhance the Dynamics CRM. Dynamics is already a groundbreaking CRM. It's extremely flexible and delivers accurate data no matter how complex your business processes are. With this new AI functionality, dynamics will learn and optimize around your data - including the work schedules of your employees. Investing in Dynamics has obvious benefits, but does your sales team see them?

It can be difficult to make a sales team use any CRM. Dynamics, despite it's great functionality, is no exception. Your CRM connects the entire company to your customers, but that connection is only strong if it's utilized in the field.

Given how much you invest into implementing Dynamics as your company-wide CRM, it's important that your sales team recognizes it's value. Unfortunately, updating a CRM isn't always...practical. It isn't easy to update Dynamics after every encounter, especially if they're updating field activity from the office at the end of the day. 

That's why a mobile solution is essential. It gives your sales team access to your CRM - wherever they are in the field. Giving your team direct access to their CRM is the best way to keep them connected to the rest of the company. 

The release of Dynamics 365 is an excellent opportunity to champion a mobile solution in your business. The smart-features of Dynamics 365 make field data more valuable than ever. Here's why you should equip your team to drive amazing results in 2017.

Benefits of A Mobile CRM Solution

Adjust to changes in real-time

Your team is always on the move. That leaves a lot of room for error, like cancelled appointments or missed opportunities.

A mobile CRM solution allows your team to stay-on-top of any changes in their day by receiving updates directly on their device. If meeting details change, your reps won't get caught off-guard.

Accurate Reporting

How many people do your reps see in a day? How many of those meeting details are actually being recorded? It can be tough to record every meeting note, and valuable data is lost as a result.

A mobile solution will record data and feed it back to Dynamics directly. This allows for instant feedback and reporting, ensuring your data is accurate and useful as quickly as possible.

Improve Follow-ups and Scheduling 

Your CRM is the most important asset you have. After all, it holds all of your customers. If your team is preparing for their day by downloading spreadsheets of who they need to see, or worse, recording them by hand - you're losing deals.

CRM's (even Dynamics) aren't exactly fun to dig through. A Mobile CRM allows your reps to take their customers with them. The right mobile solution will visualize customers by priority and meeting time, prioritizing your team's day by who they need to see and when.

Best Mobile CRM Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 can be installed on most mobile devices. It’s a useful solution for recording field activity, offering complete access to the Dynamics dashboard right on your phone or tablet.

Dynamics 365 includes an application for field service workers. This helps schedule appointments and track inventory orders for your team. This built-in solution is great for field service teams who want to manage requests and maintenance appointments.


MobileAccess is a mobile extension for Microsoft Dynamics built by Tendigits. Although it lacks a visual component, it's built to manage data for any number of unique Dynamics set-ups. MobileAccess is personalized for each user, so every member of your team can see what works best for them.

MobileAccess includes smart forms for customer data. If you regularly require order forms or contracts in your business, MobileAccess is a great way to manage and process them.

Badger Maps

Badger is the leading solution in field sales. It combines the best of both worlds - customer management and territory mapping. Badger acts as a visual extension to your Dynamics CRM. It gives your team complete access to their customers while offering route optimization, lead generation, and data visualization. It also includes reporting and a manager view for leadership.

Kerr Dental, a Fortune 500 medical device supplier, uses Badger as an extension of Microsoft Dynamics. Kerr's Director of Sales Operations says:

“Utilizing Badger to visualize CRM data in the field makes our CRM even more valuable” Brandon Arsenault Director Sales Operations, Kerr

The Kerr sales team loves Badger too. It allows them to view complex CRM data effortlessly and organize customers by essential metrics. Read more about Kerr's success here.

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