How to Navigate Accounts Using GPS Navigation from Badger Maps (Android)

Before we begin, please make sure you download the Badger Map app within the Google Play Store.

You can import your accounts and locations on the web-based app via your desktop/laptop.

1.  Log into Badger Maps with your email and password.

2. Locate and tap the second icon on the top red bar in the screen. It should be a circular icon with a silhouette of a person.


3. Find and tap an account you are interested in traveling to.


4. You are directed to “Account Details.”


          a. Under “Account Details,” locate and tap on the blue icon labeled “Add to Route.”

                  i.      This is located at the bottom of the screen.

          b.  After you tap the icon, it will gray out and replace the words “Add to Route” with “Added.”


5. On the top right screen, tap on the white cross icon. You are directed back to the “Accounts” page on Badger Maps.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have all of the accounts you are interested in routing.

7. Tap on the fourth icon on the top red bar. It should be a map icon.                                       IMG_2325

8. Under “Current Route,” locate the row with the green pin labeled “A.” Tap on the account name. This is located in between “length” and the red X icon.

9.  This should take you to the “Account Details” page.

10.  Under the “Account Details” page, tap on the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen. It is labeled “Navigate.”

          a.  It should be the third icon at the bottom.


11. Once you tap “Navigate,” your phone should locate where you are and provide you turn by turn directions to point "A".


12. After you have reached your destination, you can exit out of Google Maps. You can click on the center button on your phone.

13. Find and tap the Badger Maps app on your phone.


14. You should be on the Account Details page once you access Badger Maps again.

15. On the top right screen, tap on the white cross icon. You are directed back to the “Current Route” page on Badger Maps.


16. You can proceed in steps 7-12 for the other locations.

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