Big Announcement: The Sales Hall of Fame is Here

Every industry has its legends — people that have pushed boundaries and elevated their respective field with their talent. In Sales, these thought leaders have not only revolutionized the way that salespeople interact with and engage their customers. They’ve also changed the way the world thinks about sales.

The Sales Hall of Fame honors the most distinguished voices in Sales — individuals who continue to inspire us with cutting-edge insights and intellectual influence. Their innovations and business-defining achievements have blazed new trails in one of the most lucrative, dynamic, and constantly-evolving industries in the world.

Who We Honor

The Sales Hall of Fame is a space where sales pioneers and innovators are recognized for their contributions to and influence upon the Sales industry. Highlighting years of amazing work and accomplishments, we celebrate those thought leaders who have helped shape the Sales landscape as it is today.

Be it a seasoned sales professional who helped pave the way for generations of salespeople, or a powerful newer voice making the biggest waves, the Sales Hall of Fame is both an acknowledgment of extraordinary talent and a thank you letter from those who have been inspired by their brilliant examples.

Here’s the list of the first 6 nominees:

Sales Hall of Fame Nominees

Why The Sales Hall of Fame

Despite the huge influence that Sales has upon the world of business, there has never been a space for recognizing and celebrating those that helped propel and grow it. 

It was time for that to change.

The Sales Hall of Fame is platform for sales leaders who have motivated and empowered generations of salespeople to perform at a higher level.

How Inductees Are Recognized

Inductees to the Hall of Fame present their own feature video in which they give their absolute best sales tip for people in Sales. Check them out here!

They also share some of their top resources for viewers, allowing a glimpse into the processes, strategies, and mindsets that fuel success.

Do you know someone who deserves a place in the Sales Hall of Fame? Nominate them today for consideration! Email us at and tell us why this individual belongs among the greats of the industry.

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