5 Tips for Creating a Killer Sales Pitch

One of the most effective strategies for your sales team to increase close rates is developing a killer sales pitch. A sales pitch is the foundation that you and your sales team will use to convince a buyer to purchase or acquire your product or service. The sales pitch plays a critical role in helping a salesperson obtain buy-in from their target market. However, developing an effective or “killer” sales pitch relies on your ability to identify the specific needs and pains that influence your target market.

1. Determine the Target Audience

Every sales pitch is should be customized to target a specific segment in your target market because you’re usually pitching to one or a few people falling into the same segment.

It is essential to first develop a better understanding of target segments within your target market. You have to understand the demographic, social, and cultural factors that define and influence the behaviors of your target market before developing a killer sales pitch. When you’re pitching to a prospect, you need to understand their goals, motivations and pains.

A killer sales pitch needs to be accurately configured to appeal to the target audience through either pathos, logo, or ethos.

2. Choose the Type of Sales Pitch

While the goal of your sales pitch is to gain buy-in from your prospect or customer, different types of sales pitches offer different results. “They include: 1) one-word sales pitch, 2) rhyming sales pitch, 3) question sales pitch, 4) Twitter sales pitch, 5) Pixar sales pitch, and 6) subject line sales pitch,” states Brian Robinson, Sales Director at APA Writing Service. As your team’s sales strategy matures, you have to determine which type of sales pitch is right for your prospect. You might want to employ a mix traditional and alternative sales pitch methods.

Traditional Slide Deck

The traditional slide deck used in both outside sales and remote sales is still highly effective. When you create a specific slide deck for your target audience and target segments, you are addressing and catering to their exact needs when you’re pitching to them. Slide decks also allow you to present value in different ways like text, pictures, gifs and videos. Don’t let them steal the show, though, your narrative and the benefits you lay out should be the focus of your pitch.

Depending on your target audience, you can show them exactly what they want to see so that they can understand the value of your product or service immediately. This also serves as reference material for your champion to move your product or service up the chain of command.

One-word Sales Pitch

The one-word sales pitch consolidates all the values and characteristics of your product or service into a single word. This type of sales pitch is simple and catchy because of the use of a single word associating with your brand.

Rhyming Sales Pitch

The rhyming sales pitch employs rhymes to communicate the message. This type of sales pitch is associated with improved processing fluency by helping the target market to make sense of the stimuli.

Question Sales Pitch

The question sales pitch reformulates the pitch from a statement to a question. This type of sales pitch is best associated with a customer base that is already familiar with the value of the product or service.

Twitter Sales Pitch

The Twitter sales pitch employs Twitter as the primary channel to raise awareness of the product or service. This pitch is defined by a 140-character limit on the length of the pitch. This forces you get share the value of your product or service in as few words as possible.

Pixar Sales Pitch

The Pixar sales pitch is a model that employs a story structure into the sales pitch. Through this story structure, you can create a narrative that can be used to capture the interest of the target market. This might be a narrative of the problems and challenges your target audience is facing now and how their lives can be improved with your product or service as a partner.

Subject Line Sales Pitch

The subject line sales pitch employs intriguing email subject lines in order to get the attention of the target audience. This type of sales pitch is catchy and can be used to craft an image of mystery and intrigue.

There are many types of sales pitches available so it is vital that you identify the goals and objectives of your sales pitch, the nature and characteristics of your target audience, and the desired effect and impact of your sales pitch before creating one.

3.  Identify their Problem

Your product or service is designed to provide a solution to a problem faced by your customer. A killer sales pitch should effectively and concisely define the problem solved by your product or service. This problem has to be relevant and a real pain to your customer, while the solution offered has to be viable and sustainable.

Even though your product might be the same for your entire target market, each segment might have a different problem and your product provides a different solution. Make sure you understand the pains and wants of your specific segments when crafting your sales pitch

4. Define Your Value Proposition

“The main goal of a sales pitch is to gain trust of the target audience and convince them that the product or service on offer is best suited to their needs,” explains Amanda Burton, Sales Development Representative at ConfidentWriters.

You know that your prospect is also evaluating your competitors so you want to overcome this objection before it becomes an objection. Highlight the value that your product or service relative to other product or service providers in the market and let your prospect know why you’re a better fit. A killer sales pitch emphasizes the value and benefits that your product or service is has compared to your competitors in the market. This helps your prospect differentiate your product from your competitors and establishes trust between you and your prospect.

5. What Does Success Look Like?

In order to obtain buy-in from the target audience, you need to paint a picture or create a narrative of what success looks like for your customer. Describing the value proposition is not enough to effectively gain buy-in. Full buy-in can be obtained by describing to the customer what success feels and looks like when using your product or service. This success has to be tailored to the characteristics of your target market.

For example, success for the middle-aged and the elderly might be spending more time with the family. For a businessperson, it might be spending more valuable time with customers and less time creating and auditing reports. When you’re pitching, the customer has to feel and imagine the successful version of themselves thanks to your product or service.

In conclusion, a sales pitch is critical to developing buy-in from customers. In order to reach your target audience, your sales pitch has to be tailored to the pains and desires of your target segments. A killer sales pitch defines the value your product or service offers to the customer while addressing a specific problem that they face. Finally, you need to paint a picture of success in your prospective customer’s mind as a result of using your product or service.

Creating your sales pitch is half the battle, what should you do when you get in front of your prospect? How do you effectively present your sales pitch and deliver the close? Read the ultimate guide on how to successfully deliver a sales pitch here.

Author bio: Paul Bates is a writer, editor and entrepreneur living in Fresno, California. He currently contributes to SwiftPapers, Medium, BuzzFeed, Example Papers, and HuffPost.

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