Route planning can be a real nightmare at times; you have to work out how many visits you have to do, then try and plan out the best way to get to each one and when you finally get on the road, you hit traffic at every turn.  Clients cancel at the last minute, leaving you with dead time and having to rearrange your route again.

Badger Maps makes life a whole lot more pleasant to deal with, offering up a complete package of tools designed to minimize stress and maximize your route, your productivity and your time.  All you need to do is add in your client details and from there, route planning becomes a breeze. You can plan your visits using a number of built-in features and filters – decide if you want to visit all your clients who need a sample of your product, those who haven’t been visited this year or those who need a follow up visit and then plan your route based on those parameters. Once you’re done, let Badger optimise your route, saving you driving time and gas as well as shortening your day.

Our Colorize feature helps you to see your clients based on the filters you choose – those with the highest or lowest number of sales for example. Use the Lasso tool to draw around those clients you want to visit in a day and add them to your route.

“Badger Maps gave direction to our team, it focused their field activity. It also gave us insight where they were spending their time and what results they were getting.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

When your route is planned and optimized you can export it to your calendar or in PDF to your computer or mobile device. Your visits will be slotted into your calendar giving you your day at a glance. Even better, if you take Badger with you, on your mobile device, you get full turn by turn directions to each of your visits and access to live traffic updates – those traffic jams will become a thing of the past and your route will become easier to drive.

Got a cancellation at the last minute? Use Badger to find a new lead in your area and add it to your route and, when you get there, use our check-in feature to create a history for your clients, time stamped and date stamped.

There is so much that Badger Maps can do to ease the misery of route planning so click on the links below and see exactly what we have to offer and how we can help you.

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