Routing out customer visits can be very time consuming, and when you have to schedule a dozen visits or deliveries in one day, it can become unmanageable very quickly. Spending hours planning your routes each week can be eliminated by routing your days with Badger Maps!

Badger’s routing app can help you to plan your day more efficiently and effectively. Use Badger to plan out all your routes in advance! Download the mobile app and use Badger on-the-go to update you to new routes when there are traffic jams along the way.  Find the most optimized way to get to every meeting so you are always on time!

Badger Maps makes routing an effortless part of your day.  Instead of shuffling through paperwork,  maps, customer lists and notes, simply connect Badger Maps to your CRM or upload an excel file. Use the Lasso tool in Badger to quickly circle all the customers you want to visit in seconds. Plan your route in a fraction of the time and be free to brush up on your customers needs for each visit.

Badger Maps, the Highest Ranked App in the B2B Sales Mapping Apps Category


Image credit to MatrixPlace, a sales consulting firm that wrote an Analyst Report on Sales Mapping Software

Badger Maps is the Leading High-Performer in Field Sales

Use Badger  in these key ways to Maximize your Sales Process!

  • Visualize your Customers - See your data in color and uncover great insights about your customers by applying key filters

  • Lasso your Customers on the Map - Create a route in seconds or mass update all your accounts by circling all of them with the Lasso tool

  • Make Check-Ins On-the-Go - Keep track of your sales progress with every meeting you make

  • Find new Leads - Discover potential prospects in the field, search by industry or business type to find the best customers for you

Don’t waste any more time on manually routing to each meeting; sign up for a free trial of Badger Maps today and maximize your time!

The Best App for Field Sales People

Learn how you can maximize your sales routes & sell more with Badger Maps

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