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Planning your route in the UK can be difficult without the right tools and source of information. With UK’s hundreds of major and minor roads, sales managers and agents can easily lose their way. If you are one of them, you might have already attempted to solve this problem by exerting enough time and effort in optimizing your route. However, this solution can also become too tedious and boring when done manually.

Running man with a suitcaseBadger Maps is the best solution to your problem. It serves as a UK map route planner that gives you a sense of where your customers are located on a map. In just a matter of seconds, you can see the clients near you and identify the best opportunities for the time being. All these enables you to get to your customers as quick and convenient as possible.

Most Badger users have reported that they have closed more deals by 25% and decreased their driving time by 20%. Because of this, more and more outside sales agents are now using Badger Maps to plan their trips. No wonder that Badger is now among the leading sales app in the Apple App Store today alongside LinkedIn, Salesforce, and DocuSign.

There are a lot of features that you will surely love about Badger Maps. For one is the Lasso Tool. This tool allows you to draw shapes around your customers on the map, identify the best routes between them, and mass update their profiles. The Lasso Tool is super helpful if you are a manager. You can highlight certain areas within your map and easily assign that area to any of your team members. Since you don’t have to click on your customers’ names or map icons one by one, the Lasso Tool saves you tremendous time during your territory planning process.

"Badger has been able to almost entirely eliminate unproductive prep time for my agents."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

Another useful feature is the Check-In tool. This tool allows you to create time-stamped notes and record your activities for the day. By using the Check-In, you can prepare your reports while you are still on the road. When you finally return to your office, you have lesser workload as you have already done a portion of them. Check-In tool also helps in evaluating your progress. At the end of the week, Badger sends you reports about your activities during the past few days.

Use the Colorize feature to assign specific colors to your accounts and group them according to different parameters such as business types, sales volume, the level of priority, and next day visits. With Colorize feature, you can easily identify the customers you need to focus on and those who provide you the best business opportunities.

Finally, you can use the Places feature to find new leads. Simply specify the type of customers you are looking for, hit the search button, and Badger will instantly display on the map your prospective clients.

Obviously, these are just some of the awesome features of Badger. There are more to know. So give Badger Maps a try today and use it as your UK map route planner. Click on the links below and start your no-obligation, free trial now!

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