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Door-to-door sales can be a stressful line of work. Between the constant rejection and pressure to perform, door-to-door salespeople face an uphill battle every time they head out to their routes.

But the job also reaps great rewards — challenging yet gratifying goals, quick promotions, and daily new experiences make for a career that is anything but mundane. The skills a door-to-door salesperson will learn, such as empathy and the art of persuasion, will also be applicable in almost any career.

So how can you become a top performer in door to door sales?

It's easy! You can use Badger Maps, the door-to-door sales mapping software that eliminates the tedious aspects of your job. It’ll save you time and money.

With Badger, you will:

With Badger, you’ll find the right door to knock on at the right time, so you can close at least 22% more deals!

Crush your quota with Badger

Less Time Behind the Wheel = More Time At Your Prospects’ Doors

One of the greatest challenges that comes with door to door sales is the countless hours spent in the car. It can often feel like you spend all day behind the wheel, sitting in traffic between customer visits. We know that this can be extremely frustrating.

Using Badger’s route optimization and turn-by-turn direction features, you will get to each of your prospects quickly, easily, and efficiently.

By spending less time at the wheel, you’ll have more time to focus on building and maintaining customer relationships, as well as more time to visit prospects and expand your clientele.

Less time driving also means less spent on gas and mileage. Badger Maps pays for itself with these savings, making it the most cost-efficient mapping software for door-to-door directions.

Badger’s optimized routes help you drive 20% less, freeing up enough time to visit up to 10 extra prospects each week. This allows you to prioritize customers while tapping into new leads.

You’ll spend more time with your customers and prospects, and close more deals!


Find New Leads On-The-Go

Downtime is inevitable for any door-to-door salesperson. Whether it’s a prospect who is too busy to talk or a customer that isn’t home, it’s easy to feel like you’re wasting time on the road. 

Pro tip: This time could be used to build your client list – extra time is an opportunity, not a loss!

Use that time to generate new and exciting opportunities with Badger Maps. With this door-to-door app, you’ll maximize your time and make up for unexpected gaps in your schedule.

Badger’s Places tool is the best way to uncover new leads in your territory, opening up a world of potential. This will ensure that you make the most of your time on the road. Get 100% territory coverage by identifying and connecting with every potential customer in the area.

Generating a list of relevant prospects with the Places tool makes it easier than ever to maximize your time and surpass your sales goals.

With the help of Badger Maps, you’ll maximize productivity and leave no business opportunity unexplored.

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Badger Maps, the Highest Ranked App in the B2B Sales Mapping Apps Category


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Badger Maps is the Leading High-Performer in Field Sales

Get the Data That Closes Deals

It’s important to have a real relationship with each of your customers. This is the only organic way to understand what’s most important to them about your product.

With Badger, you’ll always have accurate and relevant customer information on hand, so you can meet your customers’ needs at all times. It’s the all-in-one door-to-door canvassing app to strengthen relationships and keep customers happy.

Badger’s Check-ins feature helps you track detailed notes of all your meetings, keeping all your important information just a click away. Collecting and utilizing this information allows you to effectively target the right prospects with the right messaging.

Badger Maps makes door-to-door tracking more efficient than ever. It conveniently organizes the best times to visit your individual clients, ensuring you don’t spend any more time on the road than necessary.

Personalize your sales approach with Badger Maps and establish lasting customer relationships. Personalization will not only make your customers and prospects happy, it will also make your life easier (and keep your revenue rolling in!).


Never Miss Another Follow-Up

Being dependable in your customers’ eyes is one of the best ways you can score business.

By staying connected with customers’ unique needs on a long-term basis, you create a reliable line of business that benefits both parties.

The best way to do this? Following up.

With Badger’s follow-up reminders, you won’t have to think twice about who you need to visit next. Never miss out on another opportunity just because you forgot to follow up.

Juggling a long and messy list of customers can be confusing and overwhelming. Follow-up reminders take this burden off your shoulders by letting you know the best time to drop in on clients.

It’s one less thing to worry about.

Badger Maps is more than just an app for door-to-door maps. It also helps you manage the time you spend with customers, making your sales rounds more effective than ever.

See Where the Revenue Is

One of the best ways to know your territory is to literally see it.

Thanks to Badger’s visualization features, you can get a bird’s-eye view of your territory and every customer within it. Plus, you can customize colors to organize customers by whatever matters most to you.

Master your territory by knowing every customer and lead status in just a glance. Prioritize the most lucrative opportunities and create the most efficient routes between them with just a few clicks. 

Use Badger’s filtering features to color pins by key values and spot accounts that need urgent attention. You can also segment customers to know exactly which prospects you need to meet on your next outing.


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Save 8 Hours in Busy Work Every Week

Imagine saving enough time every day that by the end of the week you’ve saved yourself a total of 8 hours in busywork. Those are hours you can use to increase productivity, engage new prospects, and create better relationships with existing customers.

The good news? You don’t have to imagine it — Badger Maps makes it a reality.

For door-to-door salespeople, planning each workday used to take hours. With Badger Maps, you can use the best door-to-door sales software to cut planning time down to just minutes, freeing up your day and maximizing productivity.

Within seconds, you can plan your daily routes quickly by visualizing customer information in an interactive map, filtering your best opportunities, and creating optimized routes between them.  

And your customer data? It’s all automatically saved to Badger Maps and synced with your CRM. No more transferring meeting notes, which means even more time saved!

By saving up to 8 hours per week, you’ve freed up an entire day’s worth of work. Badger opens up your schedule, eases your workload, and gives you time to close more deals.

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Try Badger Maps Today

These days, online channels dominate the way companies communicate and engage with prospects, making door-to-door sales an increasingly challenging (but persistent) line of work. 

To perform at the top of your game, your sales process must be efficient and effective. You also need to be able to target the right prospects the right way.  

And that’s exactly what Badger Maps, the #1 door-to-door sales mapping software, does for you. Start a free trial today and see for yourself! 

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