Sales Management: How to Build, Scale, or Reboot a Sales Organization - Outside Sales Talk with Vince Thompson

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Sales Management: How to Build, Scale, or Reboot a Sales Organization - Outside Sales Talk with Vince Thompson

Vince Thompson is a sales leader, author, and consultant. He led the sales efforts for AOL in the West and for Facebook in its earliest days. Vince has also served as a consultant and adviser to over 40 sales organizations through his consulting firm, Middleshift.

In this episode Vince shares how you can improve your sales management to take your sales team to new heights.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • Building a learning sales organization
  • Setting goals for your sales team
  • Creating a high performance and growth based sales culture
  • Scaling a sales organization

About the Guest:

Alongside or through his consulting work, Vince has served as a startup CEO, a public company board member and a consultant to over 30 companies including major internet companies, TV Networks and Studios.

Vince currently serves as the Co-Founder and Chairman of Prospectwise, is a venture partner at Zuma Ventures and an active board member for First Star, a non-profit dedicated to helping Foster Youth get into college.

Earlier in his career Vince worked in local television, led the advertising sales organization for AOL in the West and, for a short period of time in Facebook’s startup days, served as the company's head of National Sales.

He's the author of a bestselling book on management called Ignited, has keynoted globally and hosted over 80 episodes of a business show for BNet, CNet’s business brand.

In 2010 Business Week credited Vince with changing the liquidity model in Silicon Valley after he led a private sale of Facebook stock on Wall Street.


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