Crafting an Emotionally-Riveting Sales Pitch - Outside Sales Talk with Scot MacTaggart

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Crafting an Emotionally-Riveting Sales Pitch - Outside Sales Talk with Scot MacTaggart

As a pitch doctor, a veteran management consultant, a business advisor and an expert communicator, Scot MacTaggart has experienced various different roles throughout his career. By combining strong management techniques along with the use of powerful technology, he has helped multiple companies with his advice and strategies. In this episode, Scot goes over how to create a unique sales pitch that connects to your customers’ identity.

Here are some topics covered in this episode:

  • Personalizing a sales pitch
  • Analyzing prospect motivation
  • Tailoring a pitch to customer identity
  • Habits for success in sales

About the Guest:

Scot MacTaggart is the brand new Sales Director at EagleDream Technologies, where he helps clients with their cloud architecture, design, and data transformation to push the boundaries and redefine their business. He is also the Creator and Host of the Pitchwerks Podcast, a weekly show discussing topics such as marketing, sales and startups. As the Co-Founder of KRNLS, Scot also helps startups, organizations and government agencies bring their goals to life.

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