Accelerating Your Sales Process with Video - Outside Sales Talk with Collin Mitchell

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Accelerating Your Sales Process with Video - Outside Sales Talk with Collin Mitchell

Collin Mitchell is a 4X founder, sales leader, and the Sales Transformation Podcast host. With more than 10 years in the industry, he started his career as a sales representative at 22, was later promoted to VP of sales at 24, and then decided to found his own business at 25. Collin is also the CRO and co-founder at Sales Cast, where he helps people start managing and growing their podcast. He is passionate about sales, entrepreneurship and podcasting.

In this episode, Collin encourages salespeople to leverage video to up their sales game, and he shares specific tools and strategies to accomplish their goals.

Here are some topics covered in this episode:

  • The best tools and strategies to create video content
  • The importance of turning your camera on when speaking with a prospect
  • Using video as a tool for account management and maintaining customer relationships
  • Ways to approach Zoom fatigue and make video meetings fun

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