How to Export Routes to a Google Calendar (WebApp)

Badger works with any calendar. Here is how you export a route in Badger into your Gmail on a computer (it looks complicated, but once you do it once, it's easy):

1. Open the route you'd like to export.


2. Go to "Options." Then, click "Export to Calendar." It will show the file downloaded at the bottom of the screen, don't click on it though. That is for Outlook. This is what Google Calendar doesn't know what to do with.  Exit out of that downloaded box.


3. Go to the Google Calendar you would like to integrate with.

4. Click on other calendars (on the left-hand side, near bottom).


5. Press "Import calendar."

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 15.04.29

6. Choose the file that you would like to import (hint: look at the download time) and press open.


7. Click "Import" to import.

8. Now you are back to Calendar to view your imported events.


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