How Wholesale Sales Reps Use Badger Maps

As a Wholesale sales rep, you face unique challenges daily. You're identifying & contacting prospective customers, following-up with existing clients, staying up-to-date with new products, and handling tedious administrative duties - all while constantly on the move. It’s hard to stay on top of your responsibilities without missing opportunities.

Badger Maps helps you get busy work done in minutes instead of hours so you can focus on getting more meetings and sales. Find new leads easily while on the road and develop a better strategy to focus on your most important customers. With Badger, you’ll always be prepared for the next sales meeting. Administrative tasks such as writing reports, scheduling appointments and planning your daily routes are a breeze with Badger on your mobile device.

Optimize Your Travel Routes


Badger plots your customer data on a map allowing you to have a better overview of your territory and where your customers are located. With that information in the palm of your hand, you can create and optimize your route in a few minutes and don’t waste time driving back and forth. Badger also takes traffic into consideration and re-optimizes the route accordingly. Whether your sales region is small or large, Badger finds the best way to get to your customers.

Colorize and filter your customers by relevant key metrics such as priority, type of product or days since last visit. That way you can see the customers you need to visit on the map, circle them with Badger’s lasso tool and create the fastest route between them with one click. Planning your day has never been so easy!  

Find New Leads


Need to identify new qualified leads? Forget about searching through business directories for hours! With a simple category search in Badger, you can find leads in your area, see their contact information, and immediately call them or add them to your route. Badger makes it easy to create new opportunities on the go.

Collect Valuable Data


When you’re with your customer explaining product features, answering their questions or negotiating prices, make notes about things to remember in Badger so you don’t forget any details. Do they want to see a sample or a catalog with the different products? Badger will make sure you don’t forget and come prepared for the next meeting.

If you’re selling several complementary products from different wholesalers, it can be hard to stay on top of your customer’s needs and products. They might be in different sales stages, and you have to make sure not to miss the next follow-up.

Badger helps you keep track of:

  • what products the customer is buying.
  • the potential cross or up-selling opportunities.
  • whether they need help with the setup of the product.
  • whether employee training is needed.
  • and whatever additional details you need.

With that information available, you can help your customers in the best way and sell them the products or product features that specifically meet their needs. Become more organized and work more efficiently with Badger!

Let Badger Do the Busy Work

Don’t waste your time and energy doing tedious administrative tasks. Let Badger do it for you, so you don’t spend your weekends on paperwork and planning.

Badger instantly generates sales reports based on your field activity. Simply select a time frame for the report and you’re good to go! You can even get weekly or monthly reports sent automatically to your inbox. Never waste time preparing sales reports again!

As a wholesale sales rep, it’s important to analyze your sales data and statistics regularly in order to maintain a targeted strategy. As you collect information about your customers in Badger and can filter and colorize it by various metrics. See where to focus with a single glance.

Colorize by types of products or product category to see which perform best. Sort your customers by sales volume and you’ll be able to see which ones bring the highest revenue. See customers sorted by days since last visit to see who you haven’t been visited in awhile. Additionally filter by priority to make sure you follow-up soon with the important clients. You can customize those options and visualize the sales metrics that are most relevant to you.

Badger also helps you schedule your appointments and exports them to your calendar so you never miss a meeting or sales call. Get notifications about when to leave to be on time for your next meeting.

Bring your career in the wholesale industry to the next level by using Badger to develop and implement a better sales and customer management strategy. You can read about how this Wholesaler uses Badger MapsSign up for a FREE trial today and see how Badger can make you more successful!

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