Executive summary/challenge

Founded in 1979, J.GROB is an East Coast wholesale company that represents 30 brands in a variety of categories ranging from houseware to stationary.  Managing over 30 brands across nine states can be difficult on pen and paper.  Spreadsheets were difficult to update because reps couldn’t access them on the road.  The sales reps could not visualize and take action on their territories because they were only provided with numbers in a spreadsheet.  This lack of organization made it impossible for the company to be truly efficient.  Therefore, Dylan Schauben of J.GROB searched high and low for a program that would let his team visualize their accounts and territories with ease.

It turns out that finding a software that has this capability is not as easy as it may seem.  Dylan found that he “looked at every mapping program on the market, did a lot of trials, and nothing came close to you guys.”  

He described the specifics of what set Badger apart from the rest as boiling down to the application’s intuitiveness and the ability to customize the app to fit his business needs. He also noted the helpfulness of the Badger Customer Success Team (who is a fun team spread across San Francisco, Spain, and Utah, mostly made up of high-flying, squirrel-suit-wearing, rockstars with a penchant for high-octane fun).

Pipeline Management

First, Badger improved J.GROB’s categorization and ability to manage the prospects in their pipeline with the right messages at the right time. Since J.GROB has so many accounts, it can be hard for the reps to track which products clients need. This led to inefficiency as they would have to keep an unorganized spreadsheet.

Wholesalers now can easily see which category the customer falls into by using the visualize feature. The visualize feature within Badger Maps lets the rep color code their accounts by product.  This increases efficiency because they no longer have to cross reference the account with the product.  Instead, the can see both at one time.

The customer success team at Badger worked with the company to create filters that show the user whether their account was a lead, prospect, or customer.  This is especially helpful when J.GROB was to get a new lead from a supplier.  The account would be categorized as a lead and then tracked.  This saves the company time and money looking for leads, and brings in new sales from the leads if they are converted.  

Managerial organization

1. Calendar Integration

Badger’s ability to let the manager oversee employees was one of the main selling points for J.GROB.  Calendar integration lets Dylan see how many meetings his reps have in a day, where they are going and when they are going to be there.  This lets the manager have “incredible insight into the reps calendar’s and routes that wasn’t possible before I had Badger.”

This feature also lets Dylan push appointments to people’s calendar.  The push feature proved especially important for J.GROB as it is useful for trade shows.  Dylan demonstrates in that “I can get my sales meeting for the agency figured out and I can push it to everyone’s calendar.”
This feature came to be very important to J.GROB because it really maximized the efficiency of the reps.  Badger Maps was able to “retrain everybody on how to be a sales rep on the road and maximize their efficiency”

2. Divisions and Focus

Because of the managerial organization within Badger, Dylan was able further organize his reps.  Before Badger, every rep was in charge of many different accounts from each of the 30 brands.  Juggling so many products at one time made the reps confused and inefficient.

With the help of Badger, they have been able to get it down to 14 brands per rep.  Each rep can see only the accounts they need to sell to within their map rather than looking at a spreadsheet with all accounts. This also eliminates confusion between reps.  Most importantly, it makes the rep more focused and efficient.


Finally and most importantly, Badger Maps’ customer success team works around the clock to make sure that the software meets the need of the company.  Dylan said that Badger’s customer service was “tremendous” and that the “way you were able to tailor your program to my specific needs, I have not worked with any other company that was as willing to work with me as you guys.”  

Specifically, Badger helped J.GROB find a way to organize their leads by category.  The rep can now see which clients are looking to buy which product with the click of a button.  This eliminates the hundreds of post-it notes, and makes the rep more focused and efficient.

This customization and the personal attention that companies receive from Badger makes the product better for both the customer and any other customers who have similar needs in the future.


After starting out unorganized and inefficient, J.GROB transformed their business by using Badger.  J.GROB found that Badger increased productivity and maximized efficiency for their company.  Now, instead of fumbling through a spreadsheet, reps can see their territories, each individual account, and any notes regarding that account. Because of the organization that Badger provides, “reps are happier and more appointments are being made.”

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of business that a successful company masters.  Badger Maps helped J.GROB “retrain everybody on how to be a sales rep on the road and maximize their efficiency.” Badger Maps helps wholesale companies reorganize their data so that they are more efficient and therefore more profitable.

Referring Friends

Badger helped J.GROB so much so that Dylan now lets other wholesalers that he has relationships with know about it. Dylan is going to speak about Badger at an industry conference.  He tells other wholesalers about how much Badger has helped his team. Badger has a referral program so that every time you tell a friend about us and they subscribe, we’ll send you an Amazon Gift Certificate for $50.


Sales Reps using Badger sell at least 22% more and drive 20% fewer miles.

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