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Other field sales agents are already on their way, but you are still in the office planning your trips. You struggle to switch back and forth from your CRM tool or spreadsheet to your map. Now that you are ready to hit the road, you struggle to decide which route is the best to take since you have multiple destinations.

Is this scenario familiar to you? Do you want to end this vicious cycle of unproductiveness? If yes, you better use the Badger Maps as your primary route planner for the wholesale industry.

Badger Maps is designed to help you grow your wholesale business. With reliable and impressive built-in features, Badger can increase your sales and productiveness by 25%.

Badger gives reps real-time insight into their territory directly through their smartphone or tablet. They could now see sales data, activity history, and the significance of nearby accounts while out in the field. Badger does not just tell you significant information about your clients, but you can also know which route will take you to them in the quickest way possible.

As a wholesale agent, you want to keep track of your customers’ activities, right? Thankfully, Badger can help you with that. Use the Check-In feature to create time-stamped notes and reports while you are still on the road. So when you get to your office, you already have less workload.

There are more to talk about Badger Maps and how it can serve as a route planner for the wholesale industry. If you want to improve your business, sign up for a free trial today!

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