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When your delivery drivers set out on their daily route, the last thing they want is to be held up by traffic and road closures. The last thing they want is to make a delivery only to find that their next one is back on the same road they came on and they end up spending the day drive back and forth. This is an unpleasant problem, but it is a common one. Delivery drivers and sales reps must have a delivery route mapping software free to ensure that they get to their customers as quick and convenient as possible. But the question is how?

Business man holding a stack of suppliesThankfully, there is now a powerful and innovative solution to all your routing problems. Introducing, the Badger Maps. This excellent software simplifies things with its delivery route mapping software and free mobile app. It comes with cutting-edge built-in tools that speed up time-consuming tasks and eliminate unnecessary work processes.

The first thing that you need to do is download Badger Maps and let it connect to your customer database. From there, Badger grabs your customers’ addresses and plots them on a highly interactive and detailed map. With our software and app installed on your device, your delivery drivers can see the exact location of their customers with just one glance. Not only that, but they see who is near and far from them, making it super easy to plan their routes.

“With Badger I averaged 25% more in sales in the last year. I also cut my driving by a huge amount, no more zig-zagging all over town.”

Lara Thomas

Sales Rep

To make things even more convenient, Badger lets you highlight multiple customers all at once. You can then add them to a route map. Badger determines the best sequence of your trips and tells you who you should meet first, second, third, and so on in such a way that you avoid backtracking or aimlessly driving around town.

Badger Maps works on desktop computers, Macs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This means that you can access your needed information from any of your devices. Moreover, you can bring Badger Maps everywhere you go and use it anytime you want, making it the handiest travel companion of all.

Using Badger Maps unlocks a floodgate of numerous benefits. These are some of them:

  • Turn by turn directions
  • Live traffic updates
  • Easy routing around bottlenecks
  • No backtracking to make visits
  • No working until late at night to finish all their drops
  • Interactive mapping, allowing them to create to changes in their schedule
  • Check-In feature, allowing to make permanent records of each delivery

Badger Maps provides an all-in-one solution to all your delivery schedule problems and leaves you and your drivers more time to concentrate on offering a more professional service. Your drivers get to spend up to 20% less time on the road while fitting in up to 25% more visits per week and that is the game changer, right there.

If you want to see our delivery route mapping software free mobile app in action, try Badger Maps for 7-days on our no obligation free trial. Not only will you have the chance to take Badger for a ride, but you will discover its many astounding features. There’s no doubt: you need to try Badger Maps and see how it can take your business to a whole new level of success.

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