Personality Traits all Great Salespeople Have

Salespeople do more these days than just sell. They are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and some of the best conversationalists you’ll ever meet. With business changing from products to services, and with more complex selling strategies emerging, the sales profession has changed dramatically over just the past few years.

All jobs and professions have unique tricks and tips that can lead to success. Knowledge and mastery of critical skills are what differentiates the best from just average. The difference between the best and just average in sales is all about communication. It’s important to remember that no two customers will communicate the same exact way. Fortunately, there are tangible ways to increase your chances of connecting with your prospect. Here’s how to weave a bigger sales net to that’ll surely catch you more deals.

1. Critical and Creative thinking

To be a top salesperson you must have the ability to think on your feet when your pitch takes an unforeseen turn.  You must be able to think critically on how best to sell your product to specific clients under different circumstances. Thinking on your feet and adapting to the client when you are faced with a particularly difficult sell is a trait all great salespeople have.

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2. Effective Follow Up

Send a thank you email to your prospect immediately after the meeting. In this email, you should thank them for their time and go over your key takeaways from the meeting. You should also tell them your next steps. This way, they know what they can expect from you.

Always establish next steps when you follow up with a prospect. Asking them when you can expect their information, call, or email will encourage them to follow through. Their willingness to provide this information can also give you an idea of how interested they are.

3. Be a Great Listener

Successful salespeople are great listeners who pay close attention to what their clients are saying. They remain engaged throughout the entire conversation and show a genuine interest in their client's success professionally. This helps them form relationships that help you reach your sales and even get you referrals.

When you listen carefully, not only will you show your client that you care about their needs but you’ll be able to use this information to create a more tailored pitch.

4. Be Confident

No matter the price or features of your product, great salespeople are confident in what they’re selling because they believe in what they’re selling.  They do not show skepticism or doubt and when the clients catch that vibe, they are more primed for persuasion since the person in front of them fully believes in what they’re selling. Talk to your manager about the factors of your job that take your confidence away. They can address any questions you have about the effectiveness of your product and provide coaching.

5. Have a Competitive Spirit and Set High Goals

Any place worth going will have competitors that want to get there too. The sooner you get used to a competitive environment, the quicker you can adapt and use this competition to your advantage. If your competition is good, then the only way you can compete is to become better than your competition. Iron sharpens iron!

Setting high goals affects the amount of effort you put forward in any task. It’s no different in sales. The higher your goals, the harder you will have to work to achieve them. Often times you will find that you can outperform what you had originally thought was possible for a particular quarter. Sales managers love high sales goals, and will think highly of you if you have big goals yourself.  

6. Ask Questions (Be Curious)

This is especially for the newer sales reps out there: the best way to learn is to ask questions! Regardless of your experience, the marketplace in which you sell is always changing, different people come and go within companies, which can drastically affect your sales numbers. Good questions are the best way to collect the most accurate, up to date market information.  If nothing else, asking how your clients day is going can be the spark that eventually lights a fire that turns into a deal for your company. People love talking about themselves, all the best salespeople will tell you the same thing!

7.  Be Persistent

This tip is not only for sales, but for life in general: showing tenacity in the face of  discouraging responses is an attribute that is found in all great salespeople.

They will exhaust all options before conceding defeat. Additionally, great salespeople don’t let their previous failures affect their next sale. Never get too excited after a big deal, and don’t get down on yourself for not closing even if you were a few moments away. There’s always more money to make!


The most important thing to remember when selling is that the path to success is never linear. There will be bumps in the road and obstacle in the way. You will take steps back sometimes, but the only thing you can do is keep giving it 110%! Keeping notes of mistakes you’ve made in the past will help you avoid them in the future. This is the key to growth.

Author Bio: Michael Gorman is a highly-skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works for a Writix company. He also trains professional paper writers who specialize in online assignment help Australia. Being interested in everyday development, Michael writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human existence every day. Feel free to contact him via Facebook or check his Twitter.  

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