Overcoming Rejection in Sales

By Alina Biermann

Posted in CRM

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Success isn’t owned, it’s leased and rent is due everyday.” Working in sales requires you to put in maximum effort - every day. But even if you give it your everything, your customer meetings won’t go well every single time.

No matter how hard you try, you will face rejection. Turning a “no” into a “yes” isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly not impossible! The following recommendations will help you with overcoming rejection in sales.

Definitely Maybe

When being contacted by sales reps, many people initially react with a no. They are skeptical and cautious about scams out in the field. Consequently, a no is not necessarily a definite answer.

Especially in the beginning, prospects say no because they are not ready to commit fully yet. Others are unwilling to dedicate their time, money or attention to you right now and use no as a defense mechanism.

A no can also be an indicator of a lack of information. Make sure you personalize your product pitch to your customers. Communicate why your solution is meaningful to them and their organization.

It’s Not You. Or Wait, Maybe It Is.


Refusal can be hard to digest and overcoming rejection in sales is not easy. But it can also be an opportunity to become better. Therefore, ask customers for the reason behind their ‘No’. They might respond something along the lines of “I don’t want to buy because it’s too expensive / I gotta talk to my boss/ my wife says no”.

Listen closely to their feedback. Most of the time, it’s a good opportunity to improve your product. Could you, for example, add additional features to make your product even better?

Critically evaluate your pitch. Was the way you presented the product suitable for the customer? Is your selected target group appropriate for your product? Practice your pitch. The better you get at it, the more confident you will become. Try it on friends, family and colleagues and get their feedback. A good pitch is essential to making a sale.

Working in sales, you will need to develop a thick skin. Do not take rejection personally. Ask yourself what you could have done better and improve it.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

If worse comes to worse, move on. Do not waste all of your time and resources on one client. If you feel there is absolutely no way the customer is buying your product, thank him for his time and leave.

Being too focused on one customer can prevent you from selling to those who want your product. There are plenty of customers out there. Thus, if someone does not want your product, don’t be disappointed. Pitch it to someone else instead - before a competitor does.

Remember, that a prospect who doesn’t buy now might be interested in the future - especially if his competitor starts raving about you.

Trust Is Earned, Not Given

Prospects tend to be suspicious towards sales reps. Usually, you are not the only one pitching to them and it can be hard to distinguish between good and bad offers. To overcome a client’s suspicion you need to earn their trust.

Prove to the customer that you are the right fit for their problem. Do not try to pressure them into the purchase, but be understanding and reassuring instead.

Tailor your pitch to your clients and their organization. Conduct research on your customer’s business beforehand so you’re knowledgeable when it counts. Figure out why they specifically need your product.

How you come across can also influence trust formation. Make use of apps that help you turn into a more organized person. Badger Maps helps you schedule, optimize your routes and filter your leads. The note section, for instance, allows you to write down information about your customers. Information that you can use next time you interact with your client.

Prospects are far more likely to trust someone who listens to them and seems well-organized. Impress your customers by becoming a better version of yourself.

Leave the Door Open

Just because a customer has no need for your product at the moment does not mean they never will. At some future point they might be facing a problem that you can offer a solution to.

It is important to maintain a good relationship with your customers. Should their need for your solution arise, they will remember your product. Managing a good customer relationship helps you turn prospects into new customers. Be patient and do not push it. Your time to shine is often only a stone's throw away.

Overcoming rejection in sales is often easier than first glance may yield. Understand rejection as an opportunity to become better and stronger than before!

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