Territory Management

Territory Management

Territory maps are vital to any sales team as they allow them to see all their customers on one easy to read map. Visual representation is so much better than reams of paper covered in text or lists upon lists of customers and Badger Maps just made your territory management a whole lot easier.

It’s vital for your sales team to know exactly where there clients are and its even more important that they have the tools at hand to help them organize those clients, whether it is by date last visited, by the product or service you sold them or whatever parameters they choose to apply.

Badger Maps gives them all those tools and much more besides. With Badger, they get to see where all their clients are at a glance. They can use the built-in filters to sort through their client base and see only the ones they choose to see. It is a simple task of uploading an excel format file or connecting Badger to your crm and importing all your client details with easy to follow directions.

“Our reps see opportunities they would not be able to notice without Badger”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr

Once that’s done, your sales team and you can see their territory and can manage it much better and much more professionally. See a map showing the locations of all your clients; see the ones that need a follow up visit, the ones that have been deemed as high priority or this that have resulted in the most sales.

Benefit from tools such as account management, optimal route creation, the ability to check-in and create an up to the minute history on each client. And, if there’s any time left over at the end of the day use Badger to find you some new leads.

Territory management is all about keeping on top of your client base, knowing where they are, what they do and what they need. Badger Maps is all about making that job easy. See how Badger Maps can optimize your territory management today by clicking the links below.

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