Introducing New Field Mapping, Local Times on Check-in Reports and Verified Check-ins!

It’s been a record-breaking summer so far, not just in temperatures, also in the number of exciting new features we released! 

We updated our importer with a brand new step, which lets you select the fields (data columns) you want to import! Aside from that, you can now see the accurate time zone on your Check-in Reports. Last but not least, for Badger Teams, verified Check-ins are now live! We can activate them for you. Read more about it all below.

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Field Mapping made easy! - Data Importer Update

Working on a data import and …. forgot to match the headers of your data? Needing to delete a column that you didn’t want to include? No stress, with our new importer you decide exactly what data to pull from your spreadsheet into Badger.

Aside from selecting your default Badger fields, you can now easily select your custom fields during the import process. This means that for every import, you can:

  • Choose which columns of your spreadsheet to include OR exclude for your import 
  • Match each column in the spreadsheet to any existing field in Badger, even if the headers (field names, first row) are not matching
  • Decide if you want to import a data column into Badger as a text-field or as a numeric-field.

To do this, go to the Settings tab when logged into the web app. Click on “Import Accounts”. After selecting the spreadsheet to import, you will automatically be taken through the mapping wizard to ensure a quick and accurate upload of your data. Check out this page for an entire walkthrough of an import.

Our goal is for you to save more time, not just on the road but also with your imports! Let us know what you think!

Local Times on your Check-in Reports

Time Fields in Check-in Reports 

We are pleased to announce this addition to your check-in reports! We’ve added a column for the local time and time zones of every check-in. So, in addition to our default Pacific Time Zone, you will now see the Local Time and Local Timezone. No more excel formulas necessary to change the time to your preferred time(zone).

Column E; Time (Local time) & Column F; Timezone, are based on the location of each account. Both columns will now be automatically populated in all of your check-in reports. 

Verified Check-Ins

This has been one of our most-requested features, Verified Check-ins! Do you want to verify that your team is visiting the Badger accounts? Well, now you can with this brand new feature!

How does it work? Easy, all we need to define is a distance*, for example, 1 mile or 1 kilometer. Once we have activated it for your team, Badger will automatically verify if a check-in made by a user was within that distance of the associated account. Export your check-ins and you can see if check-ins were verified or not. *We support the following distance units: Feet, Yards, Miles, Meters & Kilometers.

Want to activate verified check-ins for your team? Contact your Badger Account Manager.

Want to have more information about the customer check-ins or any of these new features? Contact our Support.

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