How Medical Device Sales Reps Use Badger Maps


As a medical device sales rep, you have a very busy schedule that requires careful planning. Creating a balance between existing clients, potential leads, and your company needs can be difficult. Planning your days can be a challenge when you’re dealing with so many responsibilities. While it’s easy to plan out one meeting, it can take a great deal of time to route out an entire day of visits.

Medical device sales require a lot of relationship management to keep connections strong. Making sure that you are always on time and on top of specific client details will help your relationships thrive. Keeping track of your customer relationships, scheduling and mapping your meetings is easier than ever with Badger.

"Badger Maps provides us with an easy to use interface to manage our daily call routes, track visits and update records from our CRM."

Lara Thomas

Sales Rep, DermaTran

Badger Maps is designed to help you accelerate your medical device sales. Badger works with your current data to make it work the best for you. With Badger you can visualize clients and leads and see them on a map.  Map out your device purchasers and venders to make each visit seamless. Create routes easily and cut down planning time by 50%. Find new leads in the medical device industry in Badger and add them to routes or visit them on the fly.  

Track All of Your Clients and Leads

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  • Track hospital, clinics, and private practices - Plot everyone on a map and clearly discover your most valuable stops
  • See your entire territory - See all the regions you cover on the map and see where you need to go next!
  • View you Medical clients in color - Filter clients by type of medical business or last time you visited

"Badger Maps provides us with an easy to use interface to manage our daily call routes, track visits and update records from our CRM."

Plan Your Entire Day in Seconds

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  • Schedule appointments - Plan out meetings at hospitals with medical professionals, set time and appointment length to structure your day
  • Create your perfect route - Make routes based on your best prospects and clients to maximize your selling
  • Organize your work day - Schedule and sync all meeting to your calendar and phone

Manage Opportunities & Administrative Work

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  • Organize your deals - Track the stage of your sales process, and know exactly when to follow up with your customers and prospects
  • Automate your paperwork - Spend less time generating reports, Badger helps you organize your notes and automatically sends you your check-ins
  • Find the Best Leads - Search for more medical clients in the area, and save them for future routes

Managing your day is easier with Badger Maps!

Start a free 21 day trial at and download the Badger Map on ios or Android. Contact a support specialist by emailing or calling 415-592-5909 to see how Badger can help you save time and sell more properties.

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