What Pokemon Go Teaches Sales Managers

By Badger Maps

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Pokemon Go


Keeping a sales team motivated is difficult. Maybe you've seen this before: a team that starts the month out strong, loses focus in the middle, and scrambles to hit quota at the end  That’s a common symptom of being disconnected from sales goals.

Reps who aren’t connected to their goals lose motivation. “Lazy” reps are usually just bad with time management. They don’t have an active connection to their goals, or a visual way to understand them, so they lose focus more often.

The Pokemon Go Effect

Pokemon Go has taken over. Kids who haven’t left the couch in 6 months are now outside exploring and being excited about life. Why? Because their phones are acting as a direct connection to the Pokemon they love. The reward system in Pokemon Go is simple: You collect pokemon. Every pokemon you collect brings you closer to becoming a Pokemon Master.

Visual progress is an excellent motivator. Sales reps are naturally motivated by their commission, but they’re disconnected from it in the field. They never know how close they are to their goal.

Improving Performance with Gamification

The solution, and the same strategy Pokemon Go uses to make lazy kids active, is gamification. Gamification is the process of visually connecting a user with a reward system, making them feel engaged and directly responsible for their progress and achievements. Visualizing goals has been used as motivation for centuries. It gives people an active feel of accomplishment, especially if it’s something they care about.

What do sales reps care about? Sales, of course. The tricky part is connecting reps to their sales goals in a visual way, without relying on Pokemon.

Badger Maps Goal Visualization

Badger Maps is the Pokemon Go of sales. It provides all of the satisfaction someone might get from catching a Pokemon, but with money as a reward instead. Badger is a visual representation of your sales data - all of your leads, prospects, and customers are visualized by the categories that matter to your business.

That yellow lead just became a green $45k yearly account. Doesn’t that sound better than a Pikachu?

Badger has been proven to improve rep productivity. Sales teams use Badger to get an active view of their territory. Having your customers organized on a map is efficient. Colorizing those customers by sales volume is beautiful. Thousands of sales reps have increased their revenue by using Badger to strengthen their connection to their sales goals.

Experience the benefits of connecting a sales rep to their reward with a free 21 day trial of Badger Maps. 

Pokemon Go is making $1.6 million daily. How much is your team selling?


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