Introducing Check-in Reports for Better Sales Insights

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We are excited to introduce the new and improved Check-in features under the “Reports” tab.

Check-ins are a great way to keep track of valuable information about your customer interactions. The new Check-in Reports enable you to view trends quickly without having to download check-in data or do any extra work.

Note: You can still download a full excel check-in report to do any analysis you would like.

How Sales Teams use Check-in Reports

The new graphs are the “Check-in Chart” and the “Team Check-ins” chart and they display the number of check-ins of the team over a period of time. They will give you a better understanding of your team’s performance and overall check-in count. You can also enlarge the graphs and download them as images for further analysis.

The charts refresh automatically every hour when you click “Reports”.

Check-in Chart


The Check-in Chart will allow managers to see trends in the overall number of Check-ins of their team members in the last 30 days.

Managers can see the entire team performance at once with the 

Team Check-insorganized in descending order.

Team Check-ins

Team Members

Team members can see how they stack up against the top 3 members of their team with the 30-day Team Check-ins.

The Team Check-ins chart will allow team members to analyze their check-in count and identify trends. This can help them make positive changes to their sales process if any particular trend is spotted.

Spend less time navigating your CRM. This new feature will provide you with quick insights without leaving the app.

Note: We’re still perfecting this feature for team members with data or default accounts, we’ll release this feature for you soon and appreciate your patience! Talk to your account manager for more details if you have data or default accounts.

How Individuals Use Check-in Reports

If you’re an individual user, you can also take advantage of the new Check-in Reports. Use the Check-in Chart to look at all your check-ins and discover areas for improvement.

Check-ins are a powerful tool and give a lot of insight about performance in the field. Here at Badger we are committed to providing our users with innovative features that will help them improve their sales processes. These charts will provide you the ability to track and analyze check-ins effortlessly.

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