Batchgeo Turns Your Spreadsheet Data into Maps

What is BatchGeo

BatchGeo is a software that allows you to paste your location data to map it. It’s one of the ways to create Google Maps with your data. You simply copy your data, validate and set your options, and then map your locations.

The end result is a colorful, informative map where it’s easy to visualize your spreadsheet information.

Available for PC and iOS, through the BatchGeo native app, BatchGeo is a simple tool to geocode your accounts and visualize your data.

When Was BatchGeo Created

In 2006, a group of GIS experts founded BatchGeo in Portland, Oregon. 

Since then, they’ve been providing thousands of users with one of the easiest ways to put lists of addresses on a map in a visual and convenient way.

The idea came from the increased popularity of Google Maps. However, Google Maps didn't really solve the problem of converting lists of addresses into easy-to-read maps for people with no coding knowledge.

How Does BatchGeo Help Professionals

A BatchGeo map can be extremely useful for any business or individual who needs a colorful, informative map for their website or project. Some professionals that can benefit from the BatchGeo app are data analysts, marketers, real estate firms, journalists, etc.

However, for other industries that also require mapping software (such as field sales), a route optimizer with multiple stops might be more helpful.

Is BatchGeo Free

One of BatchGeo’s main advantages is its cost. You can build a simple BatchGeo map for free with their basic plan. 

If you need more advanced features, has 2 paid plans:

  • BatchGeo Lite: For $15/month you can plot up to 15,000 locations on a map connect up to 3 different users.
  • BatchGeo Pro: Starting at $99/month, this plan allows for a higher degree of customization. It also includes an increased amount of users and locations.

However, it’s always a great idea to try out their free plan first to see how much value it creates for you. Maybe their visualization options don’t really meet your needs, or maybe you’re looking for a mapping software that also allows you to create optimized routes. If that’s the case, read on!

A Better Mapping Solution For Field Sales

BatchGeo is a great mapping tool for certain professionals. However, it has some limitations. 

Industries like field sales, delivery services, or logistics require a mapping solution that allows them to easily see their customers on a map, plan their routes, and optimize them. The main goal for them is to get the shortest route to all their appointments.

In the case of field sales, the solution is straightforward. It’s called Badger Maps.

Badger is simply the best route planner for field sales. Like BatchGeo, it allows you to plot all your customers and prospects on an interactive map - but Badger goes above and beyond that:

It uses real-time traffic to get the fastest route to your sales meetings by giving you turn-by-turn directions for multiple stops. Another advantage is that it seamlessly integrates with many CRMs, removing unnecessary admin work for sales reps. 

Get to know more about the best alternative to BatchGeo.


Badger also allows you to log all your customer interactions, which provides you with the right information to close deals. On average, sales teams using Badger end up selling 22% more by meeting with the right customers at the right time (and with the shortest route!) 

Sign up for a free trial for Badger to see it for yourself!

Crush your quota with Badger

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