How to take a screenshot?

→ PC To take a picture of the whole screen: press “print screen” and it will save to either desktop, or a screenshots folder To take a picture of the active window: press alt print screen Use t...

How do I check if I'm online?

→ PC To see if you are connected to a WiFi signal on a PC, navigate to the bottom selection bar or dock. This is where you will see a Wi-Fi symbol (a cone-shaped tool with four curved bars) at the ...

How do I find a file saved on my computer?

[embed][/embed] → PC 1. Navigate to your home button in the bottom left corner.2. Click on file explorer, then documents, or the folder you saved the file under.3. Your fi...

How do I refresh my browser?

[embed][/embed] When you are on a webpage that needs updating because of new information, a bug fix, or the webpage isn’t loading, you can refresh the page. These inst...

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