How to take a screenshot?

→ PC To take a picture of the whole screen: press “print screen” and it will save to either desktop, or a screenshots folder To take a picture of the active window: press alt print screen Use t...

How do I check if I'm online?

→ PC To see if you are connected to a WiFi signal on a PC, navigate to the bottom selection bar or dock. This is where you will see a Wi-Fi symbol (a cone-shaped tool with four curved bars) at the ...

How do I find a file saved on my computer?

→ PC 1. Navigate to your home button in the bottom left corner. 2. Click on file explorer. 3. Then click documents or the folder you saved the file under. 4. Your file should appear. Dou...

How do I refresh my browser?

When you are on a webpage that needs updating because of new information, a bug fix, or the webpage isn’t loading, you can refresh the page. These instructions will work on any computer, iPhone/iPad, ...

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