How to take a screenshot?

→ PC

  1. To take a picture of the whole screen: press Print Screen (often shortened to PrtScn or PrtScn) key, then start Paint, paste it and save.
  2. To take a picture of the active window: press Alt + Print Screen
  3. Use the snipping tool to select the area you would like to screenshot, and it will save to your desktop

→ Mac

  1. Command Shift 4: take a screenshot of user-selected area
  2. Command Shift 3: take a screenshot of your entire screen
  3. The picture will save to your desktop

→ Android Phone & Tablet

  1. To take a screenshot, press and hold the power and “volume down” buttons together.
  2. Also, click the power button and click “take a screenshot” in the power options menu.

→ iPhone & iPad

  1. Press and hold the off button and the home button
  2. Will take a picture of the whole screen and then save to your photos

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