Introducing Verified Check-ins for CRM integrated Badger Teams

By Azul von Glasberg

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Check-ins are a great way to keep track of customer interactions right after they happen, allowing you to keep track of your interactions with date- and time-stamped notes.‌ 

Verified Check-ins allow you to track if your reps are at the customer’s location when the check-in is created. This feature is now available for all CRM-integrated teams! This feature gives managers valuable insight into their reps' activity in the field. 

Connect with your Badger account manager to know more about this new feature and how you can set it up for your team.

How does this work?

You determine a verified distance - in other words, a radius around the Account that your reps should be located when logging Check-ins on Badger’s mobile app.  

Badger will use the following three components to determine if a Check-in is Verified or not:

  • The user’s location when the Check-in is created
  • The Account’s location
  • Your set verified distance

If a user is within your set verified distance of the Account, then the Check-in is Verified.

The Verified status of Check-ins is displayed in a column in Badger’s Check-in reports. You determine which team members have access to see this column.

Under the ‘Verified” column on the Check-in reports, there will be one of three values for each Check-in:

  • ‘Yes’- The Check-in was created within the verified distance of the Account’s location.
  • ‘No’ - The Check-in was created outside of the verified distance of the Account’s location
  • ‘Not Available’ - Badger was not granted location services on the device or the Check-in was logged via Badger’s web version (i.e. on a computer).

Note that Badger does not send any verified info to your CRM. Verified status is information that lives only in Badger. 

If you have questions about Verified Check-ins or want to get them set up for your team, please reach out to your designated contact at Badger Maps or send us an email at

Learn more about how Verified Check-ins work here

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