What are Verified Check-ins (check ins) ?

We’re happy to announce the release of one of our most requested features -  Verified Check-ins. They help sales teams using Badger become more productive by giving managers valuable insights of the activity in the field.

As you know, when you are a team manager in Badger, you have access to your team’s activity  through our check-in feature. You can get on-demand reports with all the check-ins created by your team members reflecting their interactions with customers and prospects. By default, these reports are sent every week and all check-ins are time-stamped.

But we know that’s not enough for teams that need to get their information logged in as soon as possible.

Now, with the Verified Check-ins , you’ll be able to track if your reps are at the customer’s location when the check-in is created.

How does this work?

First, we need to define a distance around your accounts - for example, 1 mile or 1 kilometer. We support the following distance units: Feet, Yards, Miles, Meters and Kilometers. Once we have activated verified check-ins for your team, Badger will automatically verify if a check-in made by a team member was within that distance of the specified account.

On your team’s activity reports you can see if check-ins were verified or not. To have accurate reports, all your team members must have their location enabled on their phones and always log the check-ins from them, and not from their computers. Under the ‘Verified” column on your reports, you can see 3 different values:

  • ‘Yes’- The check-in was created within the set range.
  • ‘No’ - The check in was not created within the set range.
  • ‘Not Applicable’ - The location couldn’t be verified because the check-in was created on a computer or location was not enabled in the phone.

Connect with your Badger account manager to know more about this new feature and how you can set it up for your team.

Want to have more information about the custom check-ins or any of these new features? Contact our Support Team.

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