Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Heart-Powered Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Robin Treasure

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Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Heart-Powered Sales - Outside Sales Talk with Robin Treasure

Robin Treasure is a sales trainer, coach and author of the book Heart Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition which was published in 2022.

In this episode, we’ll be exploring some of the themes that Robin speaks about in her book, Heart Powered Sales.

Here are some of the topics covered in this episode:

  • The Four Pillars of the Heart-Powered Sales method
  • Why strategies and pitches are only half of the work that is required for success
  • How you can tap into your love for your product and create value for your clients
  • Tips on improving your emotional intelligence

More From the Guest

Robin has worked in the functional medicine space for nine years as a health coach, top-performing sales rep, mentor, and sales coach.

As a rep, she grew her annual sales by more than tenfold (to a multi-million dollar territory) in the span of five years for an industry-leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements. She was also the recipient of multiple company awards, including top volume sales growth and top dollar sales growth, out of a 70-person sales team.

She is also a multilingual world traveler who has lived abroad in several different countries (Italy, UAE, and Costa Rica). She worked as an Italian translator before transitioning into sales with the key transferable skill needed in any capacity, in any language: emotionally intelligent communication.

When she’s not writing a book, coaching sales professionals, or learning a new language, you can find her hiking, taking a barre class, or spending time with her daughter and loved ones.

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