How to Turn Off an Adblocker

Do you sometimes find the Badger web app not working properly even after refreshing your screen or clearing your browser’s cache? If you do, you might have an Adblock that hinders the app from functioning properly. You’d have to turn it off to get the app working again, and here’s how it’s done.


1. Open Chrome, and click the icon with 3 dots at the right side of the URL bar.

2. Then go to Settings, look for Security and Privacy, and select Site Settings.

3. Next, go to Additional content settings, and select Ads.

4. Lastly, turn off Blocked on sites that tend to show intrusive or misleading ads by clicking All sites can show any ads to you.


1. Load your Firefox browser, and go to Tools.

2. Then, select Add-ons, and click Extensions.

3. Look for Adblock on the list, and select Disable.


1. Click Safari on the menu bar of your Safari browser, and choose Preferences.

2. Select Extensions, look for Adblock, and toggle it off to disable it.

Microsoft Edge

1. Click Settings and more at the top right of your Edge browser’s window.

2. Then, click Extensions, and look for Adblock

3. Toggle the switch button at the far right side of the Adblock box to turn it off.

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