How To Sign Up Using A Referral Link

As you know, Badger Maps has a program that rewards subscribers who bring more people to our community and their referrals as well. This article will teach what you need to do to get the reward if you’re a referral.

You need to use the unique referral link sent to you by your referrer so you and your referrer can get the reward. Note that your referrer has to have an active subscription and you should have purchased either one (1) annual subscription (any plan), or three (3) months of monthly subscription. Both of you will get the reward a month after you’ve subscribed to any annual plan, or on the fourth month if you chose to subscribe monthly.

To sign up, click on the referral link sent to you. Then, the app will take you to the sign up page. Sign up for a free trial if you haven’t tried Badger yet, and you should be all set.

Now, if you already tried Badger in the past, use the referral link forwarded to you, then Log In, subscribe, and you’re good to go.

That’s it. Happy selling!

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