How to Delete a Filter (WebApp)

Do you have a certain filter or value that you want to delete but don’t know how to do it? Don’t fret! Follow the simple steps below, and you’ll learn how to do it in no time. 

Let’s say that in this case you want to remove the value “Coffee Shop” from the Customer Type field.

1. First, you’d need to filter your accounts to only show accounts with the value “Coffee Shop” on your map. Check out the complete steps here.

2. Once filtered, here’s how it should look. All pins should be the same color.

3. Then, go to Tools, choose Lasso, and circle all your filtered accounts. 

4. Click on the Mass Update button.

5. The Mass Update box will then pop-up. Under the Customer Type field, click on Select or Create then choose (blank) from the drop-down list, and hit the Update Accounts button.

6. You will then get notified that your accounts have been updated. 

7. Now, refresh your browser to view the changes. Then go back to the Visualize tab, choose Colorize, click on Customer Type, and you’ll see that Coffee Shop has been removed from your options.

Easy, right? Go ahead and try it now!

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