How to Create a Route for a Sales Rep (iPhone)

If you’re a team manager, you can also create a route for your rep using our iPhone app. It’s quite easy, here are the steps that you need to follow.

1. First, filter the accounts according to Rep Names, and toggle off the reps that you don’t need to see on the map.

Note: Make sure all of the accounts are assigned to the rep that you'd like to create a route for.

2. The next step will be selecting the stops. Click here, and look at Step 1 to find out how.

3. Once you’re done selecting the stops, you’ll be taken to the Current Route page, then tap Optimize to get an optimized route, and tap the Save button.

4. Assign a Route Name, and choose the rep that you’d like to assign the route to on the Select Route Owner box. If there are accounts that do not belong to that specific rep, the app will prompt a message if you’d like to reassign the accounts. Just confirm it, and you’re all set.

Note: This is turned off by default. If you don’t see that option, contact your Team Specialist, and they’ll turn it on for you.

5. Lastly, choose a Route Date, and tap Save.

And that’s it. Pretty quick right? Go ahead and try it now.

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