How to color routes?

While we are still working on the functionality to colorize routes, you can definitely make use of our visualize feature to easily identify which accounts belong to which route. Here are a few easy steps to do this:

1. Log on to your Badger Maps account using your favorite browser.

2. Once you have your data uploaded, add a new field and label it as “Route Group”. Just go to “Settings”, then click on “Manage Fields”.

3. Scroll at the bottom part of the “Manage Fields” panel, add a route name, select data type, then, click on “Add”.

4.a. Once the field is created, load a Saved Route and label the points under the “Route Group” field according to the name of the route.

4.b. This can also be done, even before routes are created. The Mass Update option under the Lasso tool is the easiest way to do this.

5. Once accounts have been labeled accordingly, go to the Visualize tab and look for “Route Group” under “Colorize”.

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