How to Use the Lasso Tool to Create a Route (WebApp)

1. On the left-hand side, there are multiple options (Accounts, Places, Routes, Map Layers and Lasso.) Click the lasso option.


2. Lasso selection should now extend a bit stating “ Select Some Points!”

3. Above the comment “Select Some Points!,”you will see the lasso icon, “Select.” Tap this option.

4. Now you are able to draw on the map (to your right) according to which locations/ accounts you want to include on your routes.


5. After drawing on the map, the accounts you have selected should be displayed on your left-hand side in a list.

6. Below this list, there is the option to create route in the bottom of the page. Click Create route (map icon).


7. Your route is now created, which is displayed on the map and in a list form on the left-hand side (describing the company name and the length of time to get there).

8. On the bottom left of this list, click optimize in order for you to have the most efficient routes to get to your destinations.


9. If you want to update the selected accounts simultaneously, click mass update on the bottom left next to create route.


10. A box should pop up giving you the option to update your accounts.

   a. Here you can categorize these accounts on low, medium, high priority.

   b. On the bottom left click Update Accounts in order to do so.


You can also watch this video:

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