How to Export Check-ins / check ins (WebApp)

Badger sends out check-in reports every Friday at 4PM PST. But what if you can’t wait until Friday and you need the report now? No worries, because you can export your check-ins right within the app, and here’s how:

1. On the Badger Maps web app, click on the Reports tab found on the left side.

2. You will be taken to the Reports screen, then choose Check-ins.

3. The next thing you’ll need to do is to choose the date range. You can either click on the actual date and choose the start and end date from the calendar, or click the three horizontal lines beside the date to choose a date range.

4. After selecting the date range, click Export Check-ins if you’d like to get a simple report which includes the Account Name, Address, Date and Time of the meeting, Comment, Log Type, and Meeting Notes.

5. You also have the option to get a more in-depth report by checking Include Account Details before extracting your check-ins. This will export a list of your check-ins as well as a full report with all of your accounts and all their information associated with them.

6. Your exported check-in report will be downloaded in a few seconds. Click the file to open your check-in report.

The Reports tab also shows your 30-Day Check-in Chart. You can click the Make Larger button for a larger view, or Download to get a picture file of the chart. Then choose Back to return to the main screen.

Here's a video on how to export check-in reports:

If you want to see some advantages of using and exporting check-ins, check out this blog post!

You may also check this link if you want to learn how to export your check-in photos.

Try out our custom reporting spreadsheet

This sheet will allow you to filter your check-in reports by the field value of your choice.

Filter by any fields in your check-in reports 

Examples include:

  • Next Step
  • Check-ins
  • Priority
  • Sales Stage
  • & More

Download Badger Maps' Custom Reporting Sheet

To set up fields like the ones above in your account details, check out our guide here

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