How to Check-In (WebApp)

When you visit a client, Badger Maps allows you to check-in. This helps you remember when you visited your client. To check-in follow the steps below: 

1. Log on to your Badger Maps account using your favorite browser.

2. There are two ways to check-in.

a. Click on Accounts. Search the customer's account where you want to check-in.


3. The account detail pane pops up on the right.

4. At the bottom of the pane click on check-in.


5. A window pops up. Here you can choose the type of log - Meeting, Phone call, Email, Letter. You can also enter meeting notes about your meeting with your customer.

6. Hit "Create check-in" once you are done.


b. You can click on the "My Routes" option. Click on "current routes". Choose the account where you want to check in. The account details will pop out. Follow Steps 1-3. 



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