How to Create a Route for a Sales Rep (WebApp)

As your team’s manager, Badger Maps allows you to plan and assign routes for your sales reps. This article will teach you different methods on how you can build and delegate routes to your sales reps.

1. Log in to Badger Maps, and click My Team.

2. Select the sales rep you want to assign a route to. By doing this, the map will only show the accounts assigned to that rep.

3. Next, start creating a route and save. Click here to know how it’s done.

4. The route is already assigned at this point, but if you want to check if it was given to the right person, hit Clear, then click My Team, and tap your name to show all your team’s accounts on the map.

5. Lastly, click the sales rep’s name again, hit Routes, tap Saved Routes, and you should see the assigned route on the list.

And you’re done! Your rep should be able to see that route once he logs back in.

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