If you’re a trucker with a list of all your stops, it’s not always clear in your mind where all your customers are on a map. It’s also not that easy to know which route would be most efficient. Of course, figuring this out manually is not only time-consuming — it’s also stressful.


There are several solutions on the market that help you gain spatial insights through maps. However, Badger Maps provides the most comprehensive solution.

First, you’ll know exactly where all your stops are in one glance, since it automatically plots the addresses on an interactive map. You can even view them in color if you wish. Second, you can also see other adjacent stops around your location. Third, it saves you hours of tedious work by showing you the most optimal route to all your destinations. Finally, Badger Maps integrates nicely with other CRM solutions. In fact, one company has seen a 30% increase in their CRM usage when all their people started using Badger. By the way, it can also be used as your main CRM tool. It has enough power and functionality to track all your vital data.

“Badger does 90% of the logistics of a new sales rep’s job for them, so they sell more efficiently much faster.”

Kellie Glenister


So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier and more stress-free with the best location mapping tool on your mobile device. Increase your efficiency and productivity right now by signing up for a free trial of Badger Maps today!

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