Small Business Route Scheduler

Small Business Route Scheduler

Do you have a lot of customers to visit today? If you are most small business owners, you have to ensure that you don’t miss any appointments and get to your clients in a timely manner. If you don’t have a systematic way to remember all your scheduled visits for the day and even for the days to come, you might miss a significant business opportunity. Therefore, it is crucial that you use a small business route scheduler and the best choice today is Badger Maps.

So why Badger Maps? The answer lies in its powerful and innovative built-in features. Badger Maps is an all-in-one solution that serves as a CRM, route optimization, and lead generation software. As a matter of fact, Badger gained the #1 spot in the sales app category of the Apple App Store.

"Before Badger, we were losing 2 hours a day to territory planning and reporting results. Now our routes take 5 minutes and directly link to activity. Badger has certainly improved productivity."

James Stratmann

President, Sunset Industrial Parts

Badger Maps can replace your current CRM because of its many functionalities. It can be used to store all your customers’ details. With just a simple tap or click, Badger can immediately show you your needed information. From there, you can edit, add, or delete details of your clients.

Badger can also automatically identify nearby potential customers and new leads you are not aware of before. Just use the Places feature, specify the type of clients you are looking for and hit search. In just a few seconds, you got a new list of prospective customers conveniently displayed on your map.

So what are you waiting for? See why salespeople consider Badger Maps as a great alternative to MapPoint and Streets and Trips. Sign up for a free trial today!

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