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Did you ever wish that you can simplify the whole process of planning your route? As an owner of a small business, you know the challenges that can come from getting your customers’ addresses and finding them on the map. You also need to deal with traffic jams and unpredictable road conditions. Thus, it is crucial to use a small business routing software. But with so many software out there, which one should you use? The answer is no other than Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is a sales productivity app innovatively designed to help salespeople like you to increase sales, find new leads, and improve productivity. Badger is currently the #1 sales app today that has already helped thousands of sales agents in increasing their sales up to 25% and cutting their driving time by 20%.

Badger Maps helps you find your customers on the map. It lets you know their distance from you and the time needed to get to them. With Badger, you can determine the best route to different destinations. Not only that, but you also get live traffic updates and accurate turn by turn directions. All these can help you save time, energy, and fuel.

Badger Maps is super easy to use. The Check-In feature allows you to create time-stamped notes. Use the Lasso Tool to instantly highlight your customers. The Places feature enables you to find new clients by doing a quick search over a geographic area.

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