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For highly motivated hospital & health care sales executives, spending so many hours just to map customer locations and decide which route to take can be very tedious and counter-productive. Not only that, your team might have a hard time coordinating with each other and sending updates to you without a centralized database for all to see. What you really need is a versatile, multi-functional, and portable app. Thankfully, Badger Maps is here for you.

Badger Maps is a route optimizer, schedule manager, CRM software, and lead generator. Download Badger on your PC, Mac, and laptop and let it synchronize with your existing CRM tool. You can also install Badger on your mobile devices and instantly gain a handy travel companion.

As a route optimizer, Badger uses a user-friendly and informative map to show your entire sales territory. Create a list of customers to meet and let Badger determine the best route to reach all of them. You can even re-adjust your route anywhere in case a client cancels a meeting.

Use Badger as your centralized database where you and your team can send updates. Collaborate with your teammates and see their activities by using the Check-In tool. You can even customize your map to suit your current needs and preference.

Badger Maps mapping and routing software has totally revolutionized the way hospital & health care sales executives all over the country handle their daily workload. It’s about time you give this fantastic app a try and reap the benefits of optimum efficiency. Check out the free, 7-day trial with no strings attached.

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