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Hospital & Health Care Route Planner

Managing a huge sales territory can be tough without the right hospital & health care route planner. Traditional CRM tools and Excel spreadsheets only just tell you the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your customers but not their exact locations on the map. So you are left alone in trying to figure out where your clients are, how to get to them, and where to go next. When you do this process over and over again, you eventually become exhausted. So what’s the best solution? Badger Maps is the answer.

Badger Maps is a very cool app that instantly shows you the whereabouts of your clients on a map. You get to see who is near or far from you, the estimated distance between two destinations, and the time needed to reach a particular place. What’s more, Badger automatically determines which road to take so you can get to your customers in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

Selling your healthcare products is also made easy by Badger. This awesome app helps you gather relevant information so you can make the right marketing decision. For example, Badger can determine the buying preference of a client. Based on this information, you can now decide which products that customer might be interested with, which customer provides the best business opportunity, and which of them needs more and fewer visits.

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