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Do you really need a hospital & health care route planner? The answer is yes if you are one of those highly dedicated and motivated outside sales reps.

There are a lot of things that you don’t want to happen in your life as an outside sales rep in the healthcare industry. One of them is to be late and cause your customers to be frustrated or disappointed.

While it is the goal of every outside sales rep to be early or be on time, it is not always easy. For one, if you are handling a lot of customers, it is not always evident who you should meet first, second, third and so on. You also need to know where you are on the map or which route to take.

Using a CRM or spreadsheet is not enough. You see, there are different poor road conditions that you may potentially encounter throughout the day and a CRM won’t be able to take account of that.

If you want to save precious time, you better use a reliable hospital & health care route planner. This is where the Badger Maps comes in.

What is Badger Maps and how can it help you? Badger Maps is an innovative route optimization software that gives you a detailed visualization of your entire sales territory. It helps you navigate through your area and reach your destination in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

Download Badger Maps and let it connect to your customer database, CRM, or spreadsheet. Setting up is super fast and easy. Once you are done, you will instantly see all your customers’ exact location on your map. You will see who is near or far from you, how long it will take to reach their area or the estimated distance between two places.

"Badger Maps provides us with an easy to use interface to manage our daily call routes, track visits and update records from our CRM."

Brandon Arsenault

Director of Sales Operations, Kerr

Now, imagine if you have a reliable route planner on your side. You save a massive amount of time planning your trips and traveling from one place to another. According to statistics, Badger Maps can at least help you decrease your driving time by 20%. What this means is that if you spend maybe 3 hours every day on the road, that is equivalent to saving as much as 36 minutes or more than 3 hours every week!

Think about what you can do with that extra 3 hours of time. You can meet more customers or do other things that matter most to your business. That’s why most outside sales reps using Badger have closed more deals by 25%.

Working in the healthcare industry means that you need to take down a lot of notes. Thankfully, Badger Maps comes with the Check-In feature. It allows you to create time-stamped notes before, during, or after each customer visits. You can then turn these notes into reports or use your notes to evaluate your progress throughout the past few days.

There are more to know about Badger Maps and why it is the best hospital & health care route planner. If you want to learn more, click on the links below to start your free trial today.

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