Distribution Mapping

Distribution Mapping

Have you experienced visualizing the location of your customers on the map? If you are a distribution business owner or sales representative, you probably have experienced this before. Using a CRM or spreadsheet does not help much either. It will only tell you the address of your customer but not their exact location. You might have a hard time identifying who lives next to one another. For this reason, you need the right distribution mapping software and that software is no other than Badger Maps.

Badger Maps makes it super easy for you to plan your trips for the day efficiently. This powerful app uses an interactive and highly detailed map to show you the whereabouts of your customers. Not only that, Badger automatically determines the best route to take and gives you an accurate turn by turn direction. All these can help you reach your customers the fastest and most convenient way possible.

"We have field reps that have been in sales for over twenty years that tell me this is the best piece of sales software they've ever used."

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager

Looking for new clients? No problem because Badger Maps got you covered as well.  By using the Places feature, you can specify the type of clients you are looking for and in just a few moments, you get to see on the map where they are located. You can even click their map icon and access relevant information such as name, address, website, phone number, and photos.

You can use Badger on your smartphone and mobile devices. This feature is highly useful for distributors like you who are always on the go.

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