Construction Route Planner

Construction Route Planner

“Time is gold.” This adage is definitely true when it comes to running your construction business. The way you spend your time determines your income and productivity. However, how many hours have you spent in manually planning your trips for the day? How many times have you wasted minutes in backtracking and doing unnecessary turns when reaching your customers? Depending on your situation, you can’t deny that you can still optimize the utilization of your time. For this reason, you need the current best construction route planner known as Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is an innovative route optimization software that helps you travel in the quickest and most efficient way possible. By plotting your clients on the map, you immediately know their exact location. Badger determines the best route to take when traveling from point A to point B. 

"We have field reps that have been in sales for over twenty years that tell me this is the best piece of sales software they've ever used."

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager

You get to see live traffic conditions on every street, the estimated time and distance between two destinations, and alternative routes when you need to avoid poor road situations.

Badger is highly effective when it comes to planning your routes. Since you already know who are near or far from you, you can schedule your trips ahead of time. No more zig-zagging or weaving through the city because Badger has systematically sequenced your visits.

Badger also displays on your map the locations of your prospective customers. So if you have the time, you can further maximize your work hours by visiting these leads.

If you still want to know more about this awesome construction route planner, you better sign up for a free trial today to learn more.

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