Pipedrive is a sales CRM that helps you see all your deals in a visual sales pipeline. It helps you forecast your sales to avoid nasty surprises. It also helps you organize your contacts and follow up every lead.

But have you ever struggled to visualize where everyone is located on your list? When looking at a list of customers on Pipedrive, it’s not always obvious which customers and leads are closest to each other. For instance, you need to see 10 of your top leads this week. Who should you see first, who should you see next… and who should you see last? If your sales CRM cannot do location mapping, it would be incredibly difficult to know the answers to these questions.

"Badger sets itself apart with the mapping capability, the ability to customize account detail pages, and set your system up just how you want it with its specific check-ins and so on."

Derrick Green

District General Agent, Colonial Life

Thankfully, there’s a cutting-edge solution for this. You don’t need to imagine or guess where everyone is located. This solution is called Badger Maps. It can integrate with your Pipedrive CRM account so that you can see all your customers on a map. You can segment your customers by information that already exists in your CRM so that you and your team can see the data that you care most about.

Sales CRM with location mapping capability makes your job easier and more enjoyable. With Badger Maps on your mobile device, you will never be lost or clueless about the location of your most important leads. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a trial today!

Learn more about how Badger integrates with your CRM here.

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